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Wine cellar

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  • Wine cellar
Must See Wine cellar

Near Skadar Lake, the rows of grapevine stretch almost immensely, covering 2,300 hectares and forming one of the largest and most beautiful vineyards in Europe- Ćemovsko polje, which is owned by Plantaže in the exclusive domain of the Montenegrin autochthonous grapevine varieties – Krstač and Vranac.

After sightseeing the vineyards and having a short stop at the view point, you arrive at the cellar «Šipčanik». In these rooms covering cca 7000 square meters, the wine has been held and tended in almost perfect climatic and technological conditions.


Duration of the Visit: 1 hr 30 min

Approximate driving distance from the Port: 35 min

Address Tuzi 81206, Montenegro

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