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About Us

Bar Cruise Port

Strategically located in the Adriatic, with major cruise destinations in its proximity such as Dubrovnik and Kotor, Bar Cruise Port stands out as a new destination for cruises. Global Ports Holding acquired the operating rights of the port through privatisation in 2013. GPH owns a majority stake in the port, and the acquisition marked GPH’s first overseas acquisition investment. 

Since GPH management took over, Company has allocated one of its piers to cruise ship traffic. The first cruise ship arrived in 2014, marking the beginning of the development of Bar as a cruising destination in the Adriatic while 7 vessels of the British Company Thomson Cruises were accepted in 2016. Cruise season 2016 was successfully completed and the town of Bar has been added on the Mediterranean cruise shipping company maps. With its two quays 290 m and 200 m long, the Port can accommodate cruise liners over 300 m. With Bar’s wealth of attractive features, GPH initiated a development project, working with local government, tourism agencies and the major cruise lines to lay the foundations of a new cruise destination. This demands both a seamless welcome at the port and an inspiring all-round experience inland. 

Bar Cruise Port is continuing to work on new product and event concepts with existing and new partners, investing jointly to create a compelling tourist offering. It is still in early days, but Company made good progress in 2017 in cultivating this fresh opportunity. The Port has formed an operational team, monitoring every segment from transportation and tourist guides to local produce and souvenirs, to continue increasing the attractiveness of Bar. 

Bar Cruise Port, a relatively new cruise entrant, is ideally located to support cruise lines in delivering the very best of the Adriatic to their customers. The Port continues to invest in leading-edge security.

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Two Cruises in One Day

Welcomed both Horizon from Pullmantur Cruises and Marella Celebration from Marella Cruises on the same day

First Scheduled Calls

7 calls with “Thomson Celebration” from Marella Cruises total 8.700 passengers

Bar Cruise Port

Welcomed its first cruise call by "Berlin" German company FTI

Port of Adria

Global Ports Holding acquired the operation rights of Port of Adria

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