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General Information

General Information

Bar Cruise Port

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  • Turning Basin: 500m
    Tidal Movement: 0.55m
    Depth: up to 12m
  • Total Berthing: 300m
    Max. Length Vessel: 300m
    Depth: up to 12m
  • Total Berthing: 190m
    Max. Length Vessel: 190m
    Depth: up to 12m
  • Bus Parking Area: 4000m2
    Bus Capacity: 850
  • Bus Parking Area: 4000m2
    Bus Capacity: 850
  • Anchor Available: Yes
    Depth: 30m
    Tugs Available: Yes
Maximum Ship Dimensions For Berth
Length: 330 m
Width: No limith
Draught: Max 12 m
General Information
Region: Adriatic
Terminal: No
Total Terminal: 0
Bus capacity: 80
Available: Yes
Ship tender allowed: Yes
Tugs available: Yes
Tidal movement/range: 1m
Total berths: 2 for cruise ships
Total berthing lines length: 490m
Quays depth: 10.5 m - 12 m
Ship capacity: 2
Berhting /Mooring: Yes
City centre:  1 km bird-fly distance
Airport: 45 km
Shuttle service: At terminal
Port Security Information
VCC operated 24/7-Yes
Bar Cruise Port has approved PFSA 
PFSP – approval in progress.
Services Provided At Pier
Water Supply: Yes
Marpol: Yes
Provissions: Yes
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