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Explore Bar While Walking

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Explore Bar While Walking

Although a relatively new town, established on this location in the 20th century – modern economic and transportation centre of Montenegrin coastal region – it also features some historical sites, such as Triconch Church (from Justinian period – 6th century) and King Nikola’s Castle (1885) as well as very important religious sites of three confessions (Orthodox, Catholic and Muslim).

Explore Bar While Walking
  • King Nikola's Palace

    Built in 1885 on the sea coast, King Nikola’s Palace represents the historic and cultural monument of this town. King Nikola’s Palace also represents Bar Heritage Museum, and special literary evenings, musical concerts, festivals and art exhibitions are taking place in its saloons.

  • Church of St. Jovan Vladimir

    Located at the very entrance of Bar, the Orthodox Temple of St. Jovan Vladimir had its foundation stone laid in June 2002. It was consecrated on 25. 9. 2016, thus, marking 1000 years from suffering of St. Jovan Vladimir.

  • Cathedral of Saint Peter the Apostle

    East side of Bar is dominated by THE beautiful Co-Cathedral of St. Peter the Apostle. The foundation stone was laid in July 2006 and in 2014, it was officially consecrated and Pastoral centre was opened.

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